Some Frequently Asked questions and their answers! If you can't find the answer you're looking for, hit us up on twitter @tinyrebelbrewco


Q: Does the bear have a name?

A: Nope!


Q: Where does the name/Bear come from?

A: It's a long story! Too long for here, so we've done a whole blog on the subject!


Q: How do you pronounce “Cwtch”?

A: It rhymes with Butch!


Q: How do you put the marshmallows in Stay Puft?

A: It’s a blend of lactose and vanilla that gives the beer that marshmallow-like flavour


Q: How do you get Clwb Tropicana to taste so fruity?

A: Fruity-as-hell hops amplified by peach, passionfruit, pineapple and mango in the the fermenters.


Q: Do Brad and Gazz still do any work?

A: They certainly do! They’re still very hands on, but now have plenty more people to manage. Brad is our Managing Director so is responsible for all management from sales and marketing to production schedules. Gazz is still a regular presence in the brewery, training staff, improving processes, working with suppliers on ingredients and equipment, and sorting our collaboration brews.


Q: Are your beers vegan?

A: Yes! But not all of them! We have 6 core cans, all vegan with the exception of Stay Puft (as it contains lactose). Same story on keg. We don’t fine our ke and small pack beers, using a centrifuge to rid rid the beer of particles rather than stripping away flavour by fining or filtering.


Our cask beers are not vegan (with one exception) as they are fined. Dutty is the exception - it is designed to be super murky, so finings would just ruin it!


Cans of our 5 vegan beers are registered with the Vegan Society!


Q: Why is Dutty cloudy?

A: Dutty gets its name from the uber-murk it has. It’s a New England or Vermont IPA. That means the yeast remains in suspension and interacts with the hops to produce this opaque, silky smooth liquid. It gives the beer a gorgeous texture, and retains all of its flavour.


Q: Do you brew in Cardiff?

A: No. All of our beer is brewed in our Rogerstone, Newport brewery. We do have a bar in Cardiff as well as one in Newport city centre and one at the brewery itself.


Q: Why are keg beers more expensive?

A: There are a couple of reasons. This is a fact in general rather than specific to Tiny Rebel. Firstly, equipment. You need more specialist equipment to dispense keg beers. Gas, chillers, compressors etc. Cask beer is easier and cheaper to dispense.


Secondly, cask prices have been artificially suppressed in the UK. the actual value of the product is not represented in the price, because cask ale has traditionally been at a lower cost. As the cost to produce it has increased, the sale price has not followed at the same pace. Keg beer has fortunately not suffered from this. Margins on cask ale are very slim, often unsustainable (see Brewdog, Cloudwater, Buxton, Beavertown etc.)


Q: Do you do live music?

A: Our Cardiff bar specialises in live music, being one of the main venues on Cardiff’s famous Womanby Street.


Q: What’s the difference between cask and keg?

A: Cask beer is a living product. The yeast is still very active and “conditions” the beer (eating sugars and producing CO2) in the cask. It’s then vented and physically pumped through the tap. The carbonation is entirely from yeast activity. Sealed casks have a shelf life of about 6-9 weeks, and will last for 3 days once vented if in the right conditions.


Keg beer comes in a pressurised, sealed container. That means oxygen is never in contact with the beer, keeping it in good condition for longer. Kegs have a 6 month shelf life, with about a week of life once connected to a tap. The beer is dispensed by gas pressure rather than physical pumping. Gas is injected into the keg, forcing the beer down and up a central tube to the tap. It’s usually more carbonated and colder than cask beer)


Q: Why don’t you brew X anymore?

A: We like to change things up. The only things guaranteed to come back are our core range. Everything else is for fun, so never say never!


Q: Will you ever get X tee/hoodie/hat back in?

A: Possibly. We’ll let the merch team know you asked for it!


Q: When is the next Rebel Box out?

A: The Rebel Box is released monthly, but not on a set date. Occasionally delivery will spill over into the next month. You’ll have to keep an eye on our social media channels for updates!


Q: Who does all your artwork?

A: Our creative director Taz is responsible for the entire visual side of Tiny Rebel. She has a hand, literally, in every design feature - from our logo and beer labels, to posters and business cards.


Q: Do you have any info about this year's Brewfest?

A: Brewfest is on hiatus for the foreseeable future. You can read more on our blog about it!


Q: How do you come up with beer names?

A: Exactly how you name your kids! We sit in the office trying to think of relevant names that will make the office laugh. If it works, that's the name of the beer!


Q: Why do you put beer in cans?

A: There's a few reasons. Cans are better for the beer because they keep light and oxygen out. They're also more lightweight, more efficient in terms of space, and we can wrap the whole can in artwork, rather than just a strip on the label.

We put our core range into cans, but bottle specials, seasonals and collabs! 


Q: How many pints do you make an hour/day/year?

A: Our brewery has a capacity of 9 million pints per year. We're not at capacity just yet though - we've given ourselves space to grow into. 

Each brew is 5000 litres, and we have two kits that can brew twice a day, so that's a max capacity of 20,000 litres a day. 

When that goes over to packaging, we can fill around 2000 cans or bottles per hour, about 35 kegs an hour and around 50 casks an hour.


Q: How many people do you employ?

A: Team Tiny Rebel now stands at more than 120!