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About Tiny Rebel

We’ve really got to think hard to try and remember the fine details of how it all started. Not because we’re getting old but because so much has happened between having the idea to start Tiny Rebel in 2010, to launching Tiny Rebel in 2012 and all the way through to the present day. 

Our friends and family thought that Gazz and I were mad spending nearly every Saturday and Sunday for almost 2 years homebrewing in a garage in Newport. It was a massive social sacrifice but the buzz we got from doing it far outweighed any negatives. It always puts a smile on our faces knowing that Cwtch, the beer that won Champion beer of Britain back in 2015, was designed and created on our 50 litre homebrew kit in a garage. 

From day one, Tiny Rebel has always been about people, community and beer - and that will never change. 

After a crappy 2020 there is no better time to kick start 2021 and begin to EVOLVE AND AMPLIFY Tiny Rebel for the better. 


The Role:

We are looking for a online shop assistant to join our growing team and help us achieve our biggest year yet.

Being flexible with your workload and time.

Willing to get stuck into any task.

About You:

The ideal candidate must have a positive attitude and enjoy working in a fast-paced team. Ultimately, they must be flexible, fit and willing to take on any job. Candidates must be able to work safely and responsibly. Previous experience in a packaging environment is preferential but not essential.

Email your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]

Please make your email subject 'Online Shop Assistant'