Captain Insano and Quality

July 03, 2017

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Captain Insano and Quality

About a month and a half ago, we released Captain Insano - our first canned seasonal beer and our first Triple IPA. We loved the beer - huge mango and orange flavours and fresh resiny hops hiding the 10% ABV well.

Unfortunately that’s not how the beer has been for all. Over the past couple of weeks we have dealt with individual cases of cans that have changed in colour and carried off-flavours. Initial investigations led us to believe that these instances were limited, so they were dealt with individually.

This weekend, we saw a sharp increase in the number of reported cases of bad cans. We have taken the decision to recall all remaining cans immediately.

As you can imagine, we’re gutted. It’s only our second recall ever, in five and a half years of brewing, and on a big beer we were hugely excited about and desperate to share with the world.

That said, it’s a very easy decision. The quality of the beer we produce is priority number one for us and if there is any doubt about the quality of a full batch of our beer, we will not hesitate to halt distribution and bring it all back. That’s exactly what we’re doing now.

If these problems had been evident at the packaging stage, the beer would never had made it into the cans, never mind your local bottle shop. Had the quality of the beer been in any doubt, it would have been ditched and we’d have started again.

If you believe you have had one of the affected cans, firstly we apologise sincerely, and secondly request that you drop us a line so we’re able to get a full sense of the scale of the issue and also make it up to you in some way.

If you are a member of the public, please email with CAPTAIN INSANO in the subject line.

If you are from a pub or bottle shop and bought the beer via a wholesaler, please email with TRADE CAPTAIN INSANO in the subject line.

If you are a direct trade or wholesale customer, please get in touch with your usual contact.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll also be trawling through untappd check-ins, Ratebeer and BeerAdvocate reviews and trying to get in contact with anyone who appears to have received a bad can.

The reaction to the cans that aren’t affected has blown us away. We know how good this beer can be and we know that people who have received the beer as we intended it to be have loved it. For that reason, we’ll be re-releasing it very soon.

We want those who were left disappointed after spending their money and receiving a substandard can to be able to taste the beer as it was meant to be. More details on the re-release will be made available soon.

In the meantime, we sincerely apologise if you have bought one of these cans in high hopes only to be disappointed. If you were trying a Tiny Rebel beer for the first time, please be assured that this isn’t our usual standard, and we hope that those of you that are familiar with our brews already know this! The cause of this quality is being thoroughly investigated by Sarah, our head brewer, and her team. Any changes that we are able make to avoid this will be made as soon as they are discovered, and we hope to get you a fresh can of Captain Insano the way it’s meant to be as soon as humanly possible.



Team Tiny Rebel



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