Introducing Beer Money Inc. - The GAME!

February 22, 2018

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Introducing Beer Money Inc. - The GAME!

We’ve had a jam packed start to 2018 with our birthday beers, our new online shop, Brad running for CAMRA National Executive and preparing to launch our new core can line-up. We like to keep busy and everything we’re doing is really exciting, so it doesn’t feel like work.

But there is something we haven’t told you about yet. Again, it’s kept us pretty busy and a LOT of work has gone into it, but it’s probably been the most exciting thing we’ve been working on, for more than a year now!

We’re finally ready to reveal it.

Introducing...our mobile app game!

Beer Money Inc. takes you back to the very first days at Tiny Rebel and has you building the brewery up from a garage to our new brewery in Rogerstone, selling locally in Newport and Cardiff as well as internationally (and we don’t just mean in England)

Beer Money Inc pays homage to one of Brad’s favourite classic games, Drugwars, the nefarious drug empire simulation. You go to a location, you buy ingredients (hops and special ingredients), you brew those into beers, and then you sell those beers to customers.  The goal being to spend less money to make the beer than you make by selling the beer, and then using those profits to upgrade your brewery and buy more ingredients.  

You start in the garage of Brad’s parents, where things really did begin. You upgrade and begin to hire actual staff.  Time passes and you move into their first proper brewery, which you then upgrade and hire new stuff for. Bringing you all the way through to literally this week, where the final level takes place and you get to brew all our new collab beers released last Thursday!

The project was a family affair - Brad’s brother, Lee, and sister-in-law, Susan, run Tiny Rebel Games, best known for producing the Doctor Who mobile games. (We nicked their name way back when we opened the brewery - they were cool about it).

Lee and Brad have been talking about creating a brewery game for years, and after hitting the huge milestone of moving into our bespoke brewery here in Rogerstone, the time was right. So they put a team together and they have been working flat out for the past 6 months to get the ideas onto paper, and then onto your phone.

All the artwork was created by our very own Taz, who never ceases to amaze us. She’s given the game that unique Tiny Rebel feel so you can immerse yourself in our world through your phone.

The game is totally free - no ads, no in game purchases, nada. We just wanted to give you a little peek into our crazy world. If anyone ever asks what Tiny Rebel is all about, this game will tell them all they need to know.

Beer Money Inc. is available on the App Store and Google Play starting froooom....NOW!

Chuck us a like over on Facebook too! 


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