The Epic Beer Advent Calendar

The Epic Beer Advent Calendar

Mixed Pack

We've still got a few calendars left. If you want one...or a second, grab them before they've gone!


Tiny Rebel has arrived to save Christmas! 25, yes 25 Exclusive Beer Advent Calendar! Comes with a Beautiful TEKU 3.0 Glass & Tiny Rebel Branded Playing Cards.


When we say exclusive, that means 25 beers in collectable cans that will never be available again and only in our 2021 Beer Advent Calendar. These 25 new beers include IPAs, NEIPAs, Stouts, Sours, Belgians and some we're not sure how to categorise.


We want to give you the best Christmas experience, so we have created a unique Beer Advent Calendar which includes:

  • 10x Calendar Exclusive 440ml Cans
  • 15x Calendar Exclusive 330ml Cans
  • 1x Tiny Rebel Teku Glass
  • 1x Tiny Rebel Playing Cards
  • 1x Arguably The Best Beer Advent Calendar Available This Year


NOTE: No longer free delivery, but, you can now order more than this item alone.

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