Fresh beer

At our Brewery Bar, you can sample a massive selection of our core, seasonal and special beers just a few feet from where they are brewed and packaged!

We brew and package everything on site. Whether you're drinking a cask ale that's taken two weeks to go from water in our spring to a perfectly conditioned pint in your glass, or a super fresh can that's come from our canning line just next to the bar, you can see the whole process from your seat in the bar!

Beer Philosophy

We're firm believers that good beer is good beer, no matter the package. For that reason, we've invested in top quality across cask, keg, bottle and can. 

You can see all four packages coming into being from your spot in the bar. And you can taste the fruits of our labour in every drop we serve!


The Brewery Bar serves up everything from our best known brews, like Cwtch and Clwb Tropicana, to one off collabs and specials. 

The core range, recurring seasonals, collaborations with our friends and very special experimental brews will all occupy the bar, with everything from dark ales on cask to ultra hoppy IPAs from a can, and anything and everything in between. 

Just a stone's throw from the production area, nowhere will have the latest Tiny Rebel brew before the Brewery Bar!