Citra Milkshake - Milkshake IPA

Citra Milkshake

Milkshake IPA

The first in a series of beers that milkshake-ify flavours with the addition of lactose!

We've brewed up a single-hop IPA with one of our favourite hops, Citra, and drawn out the flavours with a little bit of sweetness.

The sweetness of the lactose, which doesn’t ferment like the sugars we pull from the malts, combines with the citrus flavour of the hop for a smooth, citrus flavour and a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Creamy, juicy, fruity, delicious beer. 

  • IBU: 20
  • OG: 1.042
  • Hops: Citra
  • Released: May 2018


  • Available in Cask
  • Available in Keg
  • Not available in Bottle
  • Not available in Can