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Didgeridank - Double IPA


Double IPA

For our collab with Siren we decided to go all out with hops. No special ingredients, no additional fruit or spices, just loads more hops! Like, loooooooads more.

Didgeridank is so full of hops that it’s gone full on psychedelic. When we tasted it for the first time it was full on bright green. Then it settled to a really vibrant yellow. Then it went a glorious golden colour. We’re half expecting it to be purple once you pour it from the bottle!

  • IBU: 45
  • OG: 1.074 (18.75°P)
  • Hops: LOADS
  • Released: February 2018


  • Not available in Cask
  • Available in Keg
  • Available in Bottle
  • Not available in Can