Espress Yourself - Malted Iced Latte

Espress Yourself

Malted Iced Latte

The perfect roast. Fresh, smooth milkiness. Delicious malt sweetness. Ice cold refreshment. Hops.

Wait, hops?!

Yep. This golden brown ale is like an ad for your favourite coffee chain gone wrong. Rich coffee and sweet malt are smoothed out by a lactose sweetness and matched by a tasty malt bill to carry all those flavours through.

Your coffee says a lot about you, so Espress Yourself.

  • IBU: 12
  • OG: 1.046
  • Hops: Cascade
  • Released: September 2018


  • Available in Cask
  • Not available in Keg
  • Not available in Bottle
  • Not available in Can