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Pale Black IPA

If you can turn an India Pale Ale black, can you turn a Black IPA pale?

We've packed this brew full of hops and deliciously roasty things that give this beer it's IPA credentials as well as the flavour of a black beer, without affecting the super pale colour.

Close your eyes and take a sip - you'd never expect this to be light in colour. It's a contradiction in terms that contradicts itself in the glass!

What the hell do you call a beer so paradoxical?! There's only one way to name such a confusing beast of a beer, and that's to plug it into the machine that creates the very strangest beer names. But in tribute, we've chosen to name it after the machine itself.

Time to pull the lever on Random Name Generator.

  • IBU: 40
  • OG: 1.050 (12.5°P)
  • Hops: American
  • Released: October 2016


  • Available in Cask
  • Not available in Keg
  • Not available in Bottle
  • Not available in Can