Meaning Behind the Silos

What’s happening gang?! 

As some of you may have seen, our giant silos have been refreshed! Take a look…

Look great don’t ya think? But you’re probably wondering, what do they mean? 

Let’s start with the first silo on the left, ‘OurPlanet’. Wales is a beautiful country, and we want to ensure our impact on it is as minimal as possible so here’s what we have done and our plans for the future. By incorporating the mantra to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle into all areas of our operations, we have worked hard to achieve zero waste to landfill last year! Now, we are aiming to have an average recycling rate of 95% by 2025. Reducing our carbon footprints is one of our main challenges which is why we are proud to have at least 23% of the Brewery’s energy powered by the 416 photovoltaic panels. The Tiny Rebel Sustainability Team, AKA Rebel Warriors, meet to identify smaller environmental issues within the business and implement strategies to overcome these challenges whilst encouraging our workforce to adopt a “greener” mindset. 

The middle silo reads, ‘OurCommunity’. At Tiny Rebel we are committed to ensure there’s positive social development within all communities in which we operate. From sponsoring local football clubs to providing meals for local homeless charities, inclusivity is at the heart of our community engagement. We even launched our Birthday Bucks scheme last week! Our employees also take part in the annual ‘Day to Make a Difference’ which is where they volunteer and participate in a charitable activity of their choice - it’s great fun! Finally we have our Rebel Hearts team. This is a charity-based working group made up of current Tiny Rebel employees who have a keen interest in charitable and community issues. The key objective is to have Charity Champions throughout the business who coordinate efforts and maintain motivation & awareness of the Tiny Rebel Fund - the ‘Tiny Rebel Ten Percent’. We are proud to have built a culture that focuses on all things charity and community. 

Our final silo on the right, is to represent ‘OurPeople’. We truly love our staff, everyone is so important and contributes significantly to the Tiny Rebel story, so it's only right that they share its success! This is why we’ve created our ‘Bear Benefits’. From staff discounts, to a workplace period dignity scheme, we are dedicated to supporting the wellbeing and growth of our staff. Team training is also essential, and as members of the 5% Club we aim to have at least 5% of our workforce in 'earn and learn' positions. All staff are also offered mental health awareness training where they can become part of the Mental Health First Aiders Team. We are always striving towards increasing diversity and inclusion within the workplace, whilst creating the best working environment for our gang and we’re only going to get better!

If you haven’t checked out our silos yet, head down to the Brewery bar and grab yourself a pint whilst you’re at it!

Peace out Rebels

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