There’s not long to go until our new look core range takes to the stage! In fact, today we're putting the last of the six into cans ready to roll out just after Easter!

There’s not long to go until our new look core range takes to the stage! In fact, today we're putting the last of the six into cans ready to roll out just after Easter!

Every year we look at our core range, our designs and our seasonal offering to make sure we’re always super fresh and looking our best. For 2018, we thought we’d take some bold steps!

We’ve retained our original trio of cans but have added another three to make up an exceptional 6 pack - six beers of very different styles, ranging from red ale to sour, pale gold to jet black. This line-up truly has something for everyone. 

First up is Cwtch - a beautifully balanced red ale with caramel from the malt and bags of citrus from the hops. Have we ever mentioned that it won Champion Beer of Britain in 2015? No? Well it won Champion Beer of Britain in 2015. It makes a nice change from the pale ales and IPAs that are everywhere, but still packs a nice hop punch.

We’ve also got Cali, our resiny, fruity American Pale Ale that brings Newport Beach to Newport, Gwent. Juicy tropical fruits are matched well by the sticky resiny flavours of a whole bunch of West Coast hops.

And the final member of the OG can trio is Clwb Tropicana, a grown-up fruit salad of a beer that features more of your 5 a day than a greengrocers. Massively fruity hops are amplified with the sweet notes of mango, peach, pineapple and passionfruit. Clwb Tropicana screams summer, even if it’s winter. Liquid transportation to white sands on some far away tropical island.

Joining the three OGs are some firm favourites from over the past 2 years. One from way back, one from about a year ago and one from just 4 months ago!

Stay Puft was launched in early 2016, first on cask but then it very quickly made its way onto keg (where it got the nitro treatment) before being bottled too. It’s become something of cult classic, much like the film that inspired it, and has given rise to a few spin-offs. Cans are the perfect package to capture and seal in the roasty, marshmallowy goodness!

Frambuzi is our sharp-shooting spritzy raspberry sour. It was our first ever sour beer which we had lots of requests to brew again, and when we finally did we remembered just how great it was. Sharp and refreshing, it seemed silly not to put it into cans. We love sours, so we’re really eager to see them more commonly available. There aren’t many breweries with a sour in their core range, but this raspberry-packed beauty is too good not to share with the wider public!

And the newest kid on the block is Dutty, our Session Vermont IPA. We’ve captured the luxurious, silky haze of a New England IPA at a session strength of 4.2% in an incredibly fresh-tasting brew. The murk has been turned up to maximum to ensure every ounce of flavour remains in the can, and results in a really interesting (not to mention tasty) interaction of hop oils with live yeast particles). Dutty’s not been around long, but it’s being long enough to know that we love it and we want it in cans!

So there’s our new look core range. We can’t wait to get it out to you in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on our social media for when it’s live on our online shop!

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